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It’s harvest time in the North Fork Valley.  There’s fruit galore and all kinds of fresh produce.  The farm markets are busy and folks are busy canning and freezing the harvest.

And, it’s time to celebrate.  Yes, the celebration will occur Sept. 27 – 30.  It’s called the Mountain Harvest Festival and it celebrates the many harvests of the valley – music, art, food, wine, and community.  Won’t you join the celebration?  Not only will the valley celebrate, but there are learning opportunities, too.  Workshops and tours related to farming and wine making. 

There’s the Grape Stomp, too.  A really fun event in which teams compete to see which one can get the most juice from a tub of grapes.  Do you have a competitive spirit?  Do you and your friends think you could get the most juice from a bucket of grapes?  Would you like to represent the Bross Hotel?  The hotel will pay your registration fee, which supports the Paonia Library, and provide four tickets to the festival music event that evening.  If interested, please call Linda at 970-527-6776. 

Come celebrate the harvest!.

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